Water damage cleanup available 24/7 365. Flooding, Storm Sewage, Appliance Leak, Burst Pipe. 612-540-0080

Whether source of water damage is a burst water pipe, groundwater flooding, or overflowing sewage, we are IICRC Certified to get your property restored safely and rapidly. We work seamlessly with insurance, or assist with private pay agreements. Call now 612-540-0080 to prevent further damage to your property.

Rapid Response is Key to Minimizing Damage

Contact NorthWest Cleaning Metro Floods NOW if you're experiencing a flooding event. The Water Damage Restoration process should begin as soon as possible once the source of the water is contained.

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We Work With Insurance and Private Pay

Don't hesitate to call in professional water damage experts. Rapid response to a flooding event or water damage from an appliance or burst pipe can prevent expensive repairs later on, and protect the health of your loved ones by preventing mold growth.

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We Guarantee Superior Results

Air Movers, Fans, Dehumidifiers, and Water Extraction Equipment stays on site until the job is done. Our project managers stay in communication with you, answering all your questions and addressing all your concerns. We know the stress water damage to your home or office causes, and we will help you.

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We are a Sister Company of Metro Floods with a fleet of trucks, equipment and technicians ready to respond to your flood emergency 24/7.
We are a Sister Company of Metro Floods with a fleet of trucks, equipment and technicians ready to respond to your flood emergency 24/7.

Trusted Water Damage Restoration Experts, Serving NorthWest Minnesota for over a Decade

We are a full service Water Damage emergency mitigation company with the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most challenging situations. We help you from your initial call all the way through completion when your life becomes normal again.  We are IICRC Certified and our huge fleet of equipment here in Cold Springs and St. Paul Park can handle any flooding event large or small.

Water damage can strike at any time and it can leave a trail of destruction in it’s wake. Water damage restoration may look easy, but it is inadvisable as a ‘do it yourself job’. Water damage restoration needs professional attention. Many factors have to be considered in restoration and the process may vary from property to property. Action to restore water damage should never be delayed.

Drying Out Hardwood Flooring After Flooding
Drying Out Hardwood Flooring After Flooding

Call Right Away

Don't give moisture the upper hand! Contact our IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration professionals now to avoid additional damage.

Drying Carpet after flooding also requires applying disinfectant to prevent microbial growth

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We'll come to your home or property and assess the water damage after a flooding event. We work with private pay and insurance.

Once our IICRC Certified Technicians are called they will carry out a loss assessment on the property. They will document in detail all materials that were damaged by water. They will carry out the assessment using water sensing equipment such as probes, infrared tools etc. to determine the source and extent of damage. Once this is done, a plan of action can be formulated which is suitable to restore the water damage. Next the water damage will been assessed as to its Category and Class, then the procedure for restoration can be determined.

When working within a residence or office space requires working around the contents, they may have to be moved. At times the contents may also require treatment for water damage such as sterilization, sensitization, deodorization, drying etc.

After the water has been extracted, then drying equipment is put in place to dry the area. The usual tools used for drying are heaters, air blowers, dehumidifiers etc. We inspect the area within 24 hours and if an area is dry the equipment is relocated or removed, depending on the ground situation. Once the temperature, humidity and moisture content is within acceptable and safe limits, the equipment will be removed and the restoration process can begin.